A (Fairly) Brief Explanation

  • Onrequest is an app for ideas, a place to jot down any ideas as they occur to you.
  • Initially you can simply Create & Save your ideas as drafts, just for yourself.
  • But ideas don’t exist in a vacuum, so it is also important to be able to see other ideas, to be inspired, to interact, become involved. You do this through Matching.
  • You can, when you are ready, Publish your own ideas so they too can be found by others and so inspire, develop, change, evolve.
  • You can Join interesting ideas or Invite others to join if you think they’d be into an idea.
  • You can also Link to ideas, websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds.

The App

Got an idea? Jot it here…
  • Enter your idea and Save as a Draft, until you are ready to publish it for everyone to see and interact with.
  • You can edit your drafts any time, based on what you learn or any inspiration you may have.
  • Once you’re happy with a draft you may wish to publish which allows others to see it, join it, share it with others, add links to it.
  • You can invite others to see your idea, whether by email, by or by posting on Facebook, Twitter. If someone is interested they can select a link which will take them to the specific idea in the app (once they have downloaded it of course). They can see the idea without first having to create a profile.
  • This is the primary connective layer of Onrequest, ideas connecting to ideas.
  • While you are thinking about your own ideas you can match them to see what other people are publishing.
  • Matching will show any other ideas, requests, which contain any words in common with yours.
  • You can Match an idea to other ideas in your drafts or to those other people have published. The fun is discovering unexpected connections within the constellation of your own ideas or the wide universe of all ideas.
People – Joining & Inviting
  • If you find an idea you think is interesting, you can Join it. That way you’ll be notified if there are updates or additions to the idea.
  • You can see the people that have already Joined any idea, then you can invite additional people to join, via email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can click on a Person to view the ideas they have created or joined, or their contacts.
  • Once you’ve joined a request you can invite others to join, alerting them by messaging within the app if they are one of your contacts, or by email, Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can attach a URL to an idea, to connect it to the outside world. Could be websites, Twitter feeds, Facebook, blogs, comment threads – whatever you think is relevant.
  • If you select a link, you can see all the ideas that have that particular link attached.
  • Your own profile is the circle in the upper right.
  • Here you can view or change your password, review your drafts, or edit your contacts.
  • You will receive in-app messages about people joining or adding links to ideas you’ve created or joined.
  • You are also able to invite another user to be a contact. The other person will have to accept this invitation.
Navigating The App
  • A single click will allow you to navigate through most functions.
  • When you’re reviewing matches, a slider at the bottom allows you quickly move through
  • You can go back to an idea or person you’ve been looking at recently, as the last three stack in the bottom right.
  • Don’t forget – any time you want, you can select the circle in the upper left and start a new idea.
  • From your profile you can see your drafts, your ideas both published and joined, your contacts and your messages.



Is Onrequest intended to replace the social networks currently out there?

No. Onrequest occupies a different space. It is complementary. Essentially, Onrequest is circular where other sites are linear, interactional and organic where others are transactional.

Is it meant to be a search engine, such as Google?

No, Onrequest operates in the field of ‘yet to be’, not the field of ‘already exists’.

What is it with ‘ideas’ and ‘requests’? What exactly are we talking about?

Both terms apply. An idea can be contained in a request. A request can follow an idea.


Why is there no Windows version?

We are working on versions for Windows and Mac OS, and other operating and mobile platforms.

Why am I getting so many matches?

Onrequest is an ideas engine – ideas and information are fundamentally different, so the search parameters are different. The intention is to encourage discovery of the unexpected. You can enter specific words if you wish, which you can match without saving them as ideas to your drafts.

How do I talk to another member about an idea?

You can attach your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, a blog if you have one – you may like to invite that person to become a contact, and when they have accepted, you can invite them to ideas you have published. If you become a Subscriber (this functionality is still being developed) you can directly message other Subscribers.

Feedback & Bug Reporting

I’ve found a bug, how do I report it?

There is a feedback button on the App – look in the bottom left. There is also a report button for issues which may cause you concern.

I have some ideas on how you can improve Onrequest, how do I share with you?

You can use the feedback button or email us directly on

I found a great new idea through Onrequest, let me tell you about it!

You can use the feedback tab in the app, or email us on!

A place for ideas

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