Getting Started

Create an Account

First off you need to create an account.  Don’t worry, it’ll just take a moment.

Store an Idea

Now it’s time to dive in!  The main thing you do with Onrequest is jot down and store your ideas.  They’ll be stored just as private Drafts until you’re ready to Publish them to the world

Match with Other Ideas

Let’s see what else is out there.  Press the Match button and see what turns up!  Some ideas will clearly be related to yours, others more unexpected suggestions we think you might find interesting 


Join an Idea

Find something interesting?  Join an idea to stay notified of related activity

Invite Others

To really create value, you need to invite other people to Join an Idea so you can collaborate.  These can be Onrequest contacts or other people you know via Facebook, Twitter or Email.  


Add Links

Now that you have a network, it’s time to exchange thinking.  Do this by adding Links to ideas, websites, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds etc, each with your comment attached


Edit Your Profile

If you want to view all your ideas or make changes to your password or picture, just click your name at the top

Exploring the Ideasphere

Now we’ve shown you the basics, it’s time to explore.  You can click on People to see all their Ideas, Match Links to find all Ideas they’re connected to.  Just keep clicking and see what amazing things you find!


Navigation History

It’s fun to surf all the content on Onrequest.  But sometimes you’ll want to go back a step.  It’s easy – your last 3 Ideas, People or Links are stacked to the right, just click on one to return to it


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